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This man has done his research. Turns out, in short, being a songwriter is going extinct due to the music industry becoming more and more corporate. He explains how the 50's were the golden era for the music industry. How music careers were once easily defined. Now, you'd have to be able to write music, perform music, record music and distribute music. If you wanted to make it big being an independent record label, artist manager, songwriter and performer, you'd have to invest a LOT of money into it. Understandable, but it still seems like the most sufficient way to gain fame and fortune is to sign with established record labels and artist managers. My issue is that I want to be a songwriter/producer for a career but record labels don't invest in people who only write music, not perform and vice versa. Which is why I chose to study and network my way into those record companies, so that, instead of them investing in me to become rich and famous, I'm working along side them to make others rich and famous. And, hopefully, once I've established myself well enough in the industry, I can then start doing what I want to do. To write music for musicians.

My other career pathway leads into film composition. I plan on taking the same route to achieve it. That way, being quite similar routes, I can differ later and decide on which is a best investment for my life.

On another note, it says that in the 50's, singles were making more sales than albums. Now, the industry has been invaded by business like a cancer and you have to write at least one album to get your name heard. I think it would be fun and eventually successful to have those 3 song EP's and singles coming back into fashion. Although, we then come to our next potential issue, the internet. With the ability to be able to buy a song off an album, CD's and other hard copy media is going downhill, currently. Which, in my opinion, kind of sucks. I mean, isn't it awesome receiving a box set of your favourite artists music from your partner for your birthday/valentines/etc. rather than a plastic voucher allowing you to get a virtual copy. For me, it'd be like "Look, but can't touch." It just loses that x-factor of that a hard copy has went it's in your hands and putting it in the CD player.

On the other hand, there is evidence of hard copies coming back into popularity. Especially, cassette tapes and vinyls! =D

I do hope that the music industry does try to separate the corporate from the creative to a certain extent because I for one love hard copies, fun and creativity.

What do you want to do and how are you going about in achieving your dreams?
What are your thoughts on the digital era?

Check out the article for more info =)

P.s. As a wee sales pitch (=P), is writing software made for creative writers and songwriters alike. It helps you to expand your vocabulary so that you can develop your ideas and increase productivity/creativity. It can even substitute as a copyright system due to it's online vault where you can store your information about the song including the dates of creation. It does charge but at low monthly/yearly rates or a one off payment.


2012-02-02 08:10:49 by connorbeale

I have written six complete songs:

1. Maybe Cupid Is Stupid
2. Musique de la Valse
3. Winnie The Pooh
4. The Watchmaker's Significance
5. I Was Wrong
6. We Have Today

I have written one complete album:

1. Works for Certificate in Music

I have studied two courses:

1. Certificate in Foundation Studies
a. Psychology
b. Sociology
c. Academic Study Skills
d. Community Skills
2. Certificate in Music

I am currently writing four songs:

1. A song about my wonderland
2. Green Eggs and Ham rap over Ode to Joy - Ode to Green Eggs and Ham
3. A song about peace and war (I may have lost or thrown away this song =S)
4. A black metal song - Solomon Blah Blah

I have written many genres of song:

1. Folk
2. Pop
3. Indie
4. Film
5. World
6. Classical
7. Black Metal

I have established over $2,000 worth of equipment.

New on the block.

2012-02-02 07:52:13 by connorbeale

Well, not completely new. I've previously had two accounts. One for fun. One for music. Although, both died. Fun got boring and music got lost, somehow. I like to think I write good music but allow me to be the first to say it's rubbish. I try to sing but I am not fond of my voice and others agree that it's a little off. Do I give up? Never. Practise, practise, practise. So they say.

I am open to constructive criticism but if it is far from rational, I will simply ignore your wasted opinion.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy my music =)